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Founded in 1995, Super X Sportswear is one of leading Sports brand with North American
Influence, specialized in professional team wear and trendy casual sportswear. Over the
years, the company established a strong distribution network with over 150 direct and franchise retail outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

Our business
Branding retail – shops, department stores, sports pro-shops
Professional Team Wear Ordering service
Export and OEMs

Our Work
Super X Sportswear design and manufacture both professional function sportswear
as well as trendy Sports fashion. Our in-house designers and marketing team have
done a tremendous job. Our main production line in mainland China.

Our View
Sports unite all the colors and dream of the world......
Sports make people sweats, tears, cries and laughs......
Sports strengthen confidence and discipline......
Sports build up positive attitude and friendship......
Sports is serious, professional, fun, chic and trendy
Sports have no boundaries, no limitation, no language barrier, no cultural differences......

Our Slogan
X performance...... beyond imagination

Our Vision
Super X is to be part of the extensive Sports family, is to supply and provide the latest Professional and functional Sportswear that suit every athlete, every sports maniac, even friends from MARS.

Our Mission
Super X is to contribute the best effort to research, resource and develop the best quality fabric, the best cut, and the best finishing work for every piece of Sports garment to ensure all athletes and Sports fashion maniac get the best care, the best attention, the best performance and of course, the Best look…


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